Why You Should Only Use Robotic Lawn Mowers During The Day

HAMBURG: Robotic lawn mowers can become a deadly danger to wild and domestic animals, and animal welfare activists warn that cuts and mutilations occur regularly.

Animal lovers therefore either have to do without a robot lawn mower or only use one under personal supervision. Before using one, the garden should also be carefully checked for small wild animals.

Because they curl up and don’t run away when in danger, hedgehogs are among the most common people to get injured in many countries. Protected amphibians and lizards are also easy victims, while domestic animals such as cats and dogs are also not safe. Under no circumstances should they be allowed in the garden when the robot is in motion.

Since hedgehogs are active at dusk and at night, the German consumer organization Stiftung Warentest advises to use lawnmowers only during the day and to choose robots with centrifugal blades.

With these mowers, the blades, which are only a few centimeters long, are pushed outwards by centrifugal force when mowing and cut the grass. If they hit an obstacle, they fall back. Large fixed blades mow better, but also stop more slowly.

In the opinion of animal rights activists at Four Paws, it’s best to let your lawn grow anyway: because apart from the immediate danger, robotic lawn mowers also pose a threat to the basic food supply of many animals. If the lawn is always short, insects, spiders and snails will not find a home, which will affect birds and hedgehogs. – dpa

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