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The following factors are likely to contribute to the growth of the US commercial lawn mower market during the forecast period:

  • Growing demand from golf courses

  • Growth in manufacturing-led programs and initiatives

  • Growth of the landscaping industry

  • Growth in commercial construction


The US government is increasingly taking the initiative to address harmful emissions and noise levels generated by gas-powered lawn mowers; as a result, in October 2021, the California government signed a bill to ban gas-powered lawn equipment, including leaf blowers and lawn mowers, by 2024.

Hence, such moves are expected to hamper the demand for gasoline powered commercial lawn mowers in the US market. However, the decline in demand for gas-powered lawn mowers may be overcome by corded and cordless electric lawn mowers due to the growing emphasis on sustainable living practices across the country.

Over the past two years, the frequency and severity of droughts have increased in the United States. Droughts largely hamper market demand due to the restriction of water use which reduces the area and maintenance of lawns. In the western United States, many cities such as Las Vegas and many cities in California offer incentives to xeriscape their lawns and impose fines for not following watering schedules. Hence, these factors are expected to hamper the commercial lawn mower market.

Government initiatives to expand green spaces:

  • The California government is focused on expanding outdoor spaces by investing in improving public parks. In 2022, local and state leaders in California granted nearly $15 million in discoveries for the expansion of outdoor facilities.

  • The Washington government has launched the Community Parks and Playground program, under which it provides funds to restore and expand parks and green spaces throughout the state.

  • The Minnesota government launched the Outdoor Recreation Grant Program to develop and redevelop local recreation areas and parks.

U.S. Commercial Lawn Mower Market Trends and Opportunities

Integrating lawn mowers with technology

  • Integrating lawn mowers with technology improves convenience and maximizes productivity with minimal effort.

  • Lawn mowers equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular circuitry allow users to operate the mowers remotely via smartphones.

  • Different sensing technologies such as anti-theft systems, obstacle identification and weather sensors are being integrated into lawn mowers which is expected to provide substantial growth opportunities for commercial lawn mowers in the market.

Development of smart cities

  • The development of smart cities is gaining momentum in various US states. Therefore, government agencies are taking initiatives to develop smart cities to enhance sustainability and achieve operational efficiency.

  • Energy conservation, efficiency, and meeting pollution standards remain key focus areas for smart city initiatives. As a result, the demand for battery-powered lawn mowers is increasing dramatically as they consume less power.

The growing popularity of robotic lawn mowers

  • The market for commercial robotic lawn mowers is growing exponentially owing to the increasing demand for convenience, effectiveness and efficiency among various end users.

  • Mowing large commercial facilities with an expansive area requires a lot of individual time and becomes tedious, thus providing significant growth opportunities for robotic technology in the commercial sector.

  • The rising cost of labor in the United States encourages the adoption of autonomous technologies to minimize long-term expenses.


Segmentation by products

  • Ride-on mowers

  • standard carrier

  • Zero-turn

  • lawn tractors

  • Garden tractors

  • Walk-Behind Mowers

  • Self-propelled

  • To push

  • Float

  • Robotic mowers

Segmentation by fuel type

  • Gasoline

  • Propane fueled

  • Wired electric

  • Electric Cordless

Segmentation by end user

  • Professional landscaping services

  • Golf courses and other sports arenas

  • Government and others

Segmentation by reader type

Segmentation by startup type

  • Start key

  • Push Start

  • Beginning of recoil

Segmentation by blade type

  • Standard

  • Mulching

  • Lifting

  • Cylinder

Segmentation by distribution channel


US South: In 2021, the South region dominated the US commercial lawn mower market owing to large population, large number of golf courses, and high penetration of logging companies. landscaping.

Western United States: Western United States is witnessing the highest growth rate with a CAGR of 5.36% (in value) and 4.62% (in volume) during the forecast period due to the increasing migration of people to the area and increasing disposable income which is likely to drive household demand for landscaping services.

Important Suppliers

  • Deere & Company

  • Honda

  • Husqvarna Group

  • Kubota Company

  • BAT products

  • Robert Bosch

  • STIGA Group

  • The Toro Company

Main topics covered:

1 Research methodology

2 research objectives

3 Research process

4 Scope and coverage

5 Report assumptions and caveats

5.1 Main caveats

5.2 Currency conversion

5.3 Market Derivation

6 The market at a glance

7 Presentation

8 Market Opportunities and Trends

8.1 Integration of lawn mowers with technology

8.2 Development of smart cities

8.3 Growing influx of alternative fuel options

8.4 Growing Demand for Robotic Lawn Mowers

8.5 Development of lithium-ion batteries

9 Market Growth Catalysts

9.1 Growing Demand from Golf Courses

9.2 Growth of Manufacturing Led Programs and Initiatives

9.3 Growth of the Landscaping Industry

9.4 Commercial Construction Growth

10 Market Restrictions

10.1 Increased use of artificial grass

10.2 Commodity price volatility

10.3 Increase in Pollution Caused by Gas-Powered Commercial Lawn Mowers

11 Market landscape

12 Product

13 Walk-Behind Mower

14 Riding mower

15 types of fuel

16 End user

17 Reader type

18 Type of start

19 types of blade

20. Distribution channel

21. Region

22. South

23. West

24. Midwest

25. Northeast

26. Competitive Landscape

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