The ‘Tesla of Lawn Mowers’ uses self-driving algorithms to mow your lawns perfectly!

Think of a condensed self-driving car about the size of a lawn mower… It kind of captures what the Toadi is. Powered by the kind of AI found in autonomous vehicles (with 4K cameras and sensors capable of accurately identifying objects in its path), the Toadi is practically the Tesla of lawn mowers. Designed to function less like a robot and more like a living organism, the Toadi reinvents a category that has not seen a significant technological upgrade… and yes, Toadi is a “she”.

The Toadi uses 4K cameras to “see” the way humans do it. She accurately differentiates grass, gravel, cemented paths, and even identifies and avoids objects like animals, toys, flower beds and fences. Using a detection and tracking system far superior to LiDAR sensors and GPS chips found in household robots, the Toadi effortlessly moves around the lawn, mows in a straight line, passing to other parts of the lawn. the lawn if necessary, avoiding flower beds, objects or pets (and other garden animals) and staying away from fences. In fact, its camera sensors are so advanced that the Toadi even serves as a surveillance device, allowing it to spot intruders in your garden at night.

The Toadi comes with a 3D printed body made from a bioplastic filament which does not cause plastic pollution. The traction wheels allow it to mow over any type of terrain, maintaining areas of up to 1.2 acres and even being able to climb slopes at 45% angles. The titanium-coated blades ensure a perfectly trimmed lawn every time, and Toadi’s mulching process ensures that the clippings are evenly distributed over the ground to biodegrade naturally into the soil while keeping your lawn perfectly mowed. When the Toadi is done, she will automatically return to her Toadicharger hub to recharge on another day, while also serving as a surveillance camera when docked, giving you alerts and sending you photos if she notices an intruder. Designed to be a stand-alone standalone mower, the Toadi doesn’t have an on-board interface, in part because it doesn’t need one. Toadi is fully powered by an app, follows you on his first run to gain a better understanding of your lawn, then runs entirely on his own after “watching” the yard. You can even program it to avoid areas of the app, allowing certain areas of flora and fauna to thrive naturally.

Comparing the Toadi to other housekeeping robots (the Roomba for example) would be a real disservice, especially since Toadi’s sensors and algorithms are advanced. Working at a much larger scale than a household cleaning robot, the self-contained lawn mower understands sprawling landscapes as opposed to tiny floor plans, and uses high-definition cameras to see where it’s mowing. Toadi also doesn’t rely on collision or proximity sensors to figure out where objects are, she intuitively sees objects in front of her like a human eye does, and avoids them on her own. With a simple app to power her, Toadi works on her own as your personal gardener, effectively pruning every inch of your garden before autonomously returning to her charging station … and when she’s done, she doubles as your guardian. personal security by constantly monitoring your backyard for intruders! Your current lawn mower looks really stupid, doesn’t it?

Creator: Wesley Lorrez

Click here to buy now: $ 2,614 $ 2999 ($ 330 off). Hurry, there are only 280/333 left! Raised over $ 1,680,000.

Toadi – Autonomous AI Powered Lawn Robot

Toadi equipped with a 4K camera and AI detects and avoids objects while mowing your garden without a boundary wire.

No boundary wire or GPS (inaccurate) required. Toadi sees and knows his way the same way humans do, only better. “We tested Alpha Toadi in 150 different sites in 2019 and added 500 additional Beta versions in 2020. If this Kickstarter campaign is successful, it will allow us to move from the Beta version to the first production version”, Wesley Lorrez said.

Crossing another area just like us humans do, Toadi won’t be left out.

Toadi likes your weed straight and crisp.

Border mowing will be available soon via a free wireless update. Toadi comes with free updates for life.

It can manage large areas. If the ground is flat, she can mow up to a soccer field in the area. In a very complex landscape, Toadi needs to travel more and uses more energy. Still, a more challenging landscape can be maintained up to 1.2 acres.

She can leave the other zones alone. Just tell Toadi not to mow a certain area.

Titanium coated blades

– 4 titanium coated blades
– Easy to replace
– Extremely quiet

The four titanium coated blades will cut even the toughest grass. By default, Toadi cuts the grass to a height of 2.36 inches / 6 cm.

You can adjust the mowing height by replacing the mowing disc (3 to 5 minutes of work). Available mowing heights:

we 1.29 inch / 1.54 inch / 1.77 inch / 2.13 inch / 2.36 inch (default) / 2.6 inch / 2.84 inch / 3.19 inch and 3.54 inch
EU 3.3cm / 3.9cm / 4.5cm / 5.4cm / 6cm (default) / 6.6cm / 7.2cm / 8.1cm and 9cm

Toadi uses mulching technology

Mooring is done independently. Toadi will know when it’s time to dock and can recognize his station. She’ll go there when she needs energy, ready to fall asleep, or when she’s finished mowing. As there is no boundary wire, you can place Toadi on your patio or grass or wherever you want.

What Toadi sees

It’s interesting to see what Toadi sees when he recognizes and stops in front of objects.

Toys, furniture, or even a shoe are often lying around your yard. Toadi will not crush or chop them. It will recognize these “unnatural” objects and bypass them instead.

Hedgehogs could also walk through your yard or even chickens could peck the grass. Toadi will not harass them.

Manage rough terrain

Toadi has all-terrain tires. It can rain for several days in a row, making the ground wet and muddy. Toadi is built to face these challenges, she stops mowing and patiently waits for the rain to pass and the ground to dry out just a little while.

She can face hills up to 45%.

Standing guard. When Toadi is on her charger, she will be able to see intruders with the night vision camera. When an intruder (human, feline or otherwise) is spotted, Toadi will send a photo of the intruder to your phone. In a future free update, she will also be able to patrol your garden and guard an area.

Easy to install and use

On the first day of installation, Toadi finds out what your garden looks like and creates a map of it. Thanks to this map, she can navigate intelligently and efficiently without the help of anyone or anything.

Local production

The team prints, assembles and 3D tests their Toadi robots locally at your home. The team will have production sites in each country of sale, as they want to support your local economy. Plus, they don’t want to harm the environment by shipping Toadi robots around the world.

Its shell is entirely printed in corn starch.


Click here to buy now: $ 2,614 $ 2999 ($ 330 off). Hurry, there are only 280/333 left! Raised over $ 1,680,000.

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