The 11 Best Lawn Mowers For Every Kind Of Garden, According To Industry Experts

Even if you love your lawn, there’s a good chance you probably don’t like mowing it. Sure, the smell of fresh cut grass is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but actually mowing the lawn… not so much. If you’re looking to mow your lawn quickly and efficiently, we’re here to help.

Best Lawn Mowers

We have reviewed the best lawn mowers on the market today. Our friends on our sister site Popular mechanics actually tested several of our pickaxes in the pouring rain and scorching heat to separate the best from the rest. Roy Berendsohn, one of the industry’s most seasoned lawn care and outdoor electrical equipment experts, even wrote a complete guide on everything you need to know to buy the right mower.

How to choose a lawn mower

A few basics to keep in mind: Whether or not to buy a walk-behind or ride-on lawn mower depends on the size of your garden. For any lawn larger than a quarter of an acre (or 10,890 square feet), you will need a riding mower. Both Lowe’s and Home Depot buying guides recommend walk-behind mowers for lawns up to half an acre, but unless you have a lot of time to spare, we think you would be much better off with a riding mower given the weather and the energy you will spend saving.

When it comes to riding lawn mowers, there are three distinct types to choose from: rear engine riding mowers, front engine lawn tractors, and zero turn mowers.

Rear-engine machines are the cheapest of the three due to their smaller mower decks, making them ideal for commuter use on jobsites up to an acre.

Front-engine tractors are probably what you think of when someone says “riding mower”. These are reasonably priced mid-range models that are suitable for 1 to 3 acre job sites, thanks to their larger deck sizes, which range between 36 and 54 inches. Moreover, you can also use them to tow light garden trailers.

If you need to cover even more ground and want to mow the grass as quickly as possible, a zero-turn mower is the way to go, but it’s the more expensive option. We think Berendsohn said it best: “The more you spend on a mower, the more durable, versatile, intuitive and possibly the faster you’ll get the job done.

So whether you’re looking for a simple push mower, a quiet and clean electric mower, a powerful but still affordable ride-on mower, or a more sophisticated zero-turn mower, we’ve got you covered after researching and comparing 25 lawns. different. mowers. We’ve even listed a robotic pick, so you can spend more time poolside sipping a glass of lemonade rather than behind or on top of a loud mower.

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