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ST. CHARLES COUNTY – St. Charles County prosecutors this week indicted a man from O’Fallon, Missouri, in three separate cases for stealing a jeep, trucks, lawn mowers and lawn mower equipment. landscaping over the course of about three weeks in St. Charles County.

Brandon K. Gee, 32, faces two counts of theft of items valued at $ 25,000 or more, three counts of theft of items valued at $ 750 or more, and one count of theft auto theft in a county that recently announced a plan to crack down on auto theft following a surge in such cases.

Brandon Gee, 32, is charged with stealing multiple vehicles over the course of about three weeks in St. Charles County.

County of Saint-Charles

Police believe the first theft occurred on April 23 when the St. Charles County Police Department responded to the St. Andrews Mini Mart for a report of two stolen U-Haul trucks.

CCTV footage showed a “white man with the same characteristics as Brandon Gee” entering the mini-market and grabbing two sets of keys from the wall and exiting, according to court documents.

On May 2, police said Gee drove to Four Seasons Landscaping on Laura Hill Road in St. Peters and stole a Ford F-450 full of lawn and landscaping tools.

St. Peters Police investigated another case four days later in which Gee was seen on surveillance video entering a U-Haul site, hitching his truck to a flatbed trailer carrying three commercial lawn mowers and move away, authorities said.

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