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Okay, I don’t mean to say I’m an expert, but I’ve had a robotic lawnmower longer than you. And this is the best thing I have installed in my home.

Now right off the bat I don’t think it’s possible to physically examine every mower so what I want to do here is reassure you if you should have one and then compare specs and user reviews. . we know the four big brands in this space.

I get there with over 300 km of robot lawn mower experience.

Is it difficult to install a robot lawn mower?

This is the bit that always put me off trying one – I mean, do I have to dig a trench around my lawn to insert a wire?

No, you run the wire around your fence / grass edge and SECURE it in the lawn.

For about a month the thread is visible, but after that your weed somehow consumes it, grows around it, and the job is done.

I put in a lot more stakes than recommended, but that’s because my lawn is a thick, deep lawn, decades of thatch etc.

Will a robotic lawn mower cut tall grass?

A robotic mower is not intended to cut tall grass. Your Robot cuts continuously, probably daily.

Now if your grass is a foot long when you set up your robot, man – Mow lawns. It will not work. But if it’s only a few inches, no problem.

Remember though, he’s constantly “chomping” so the clippings from that first cut will drag. Your best bet is to start from a weak base, I suggest.

How well does a robotic lawn mower cut?

It’s a constant cut. And what I have found remarkable is that it increases the health of the lawn.

I don’t grow clover and weeds anymore like I did, and the grass looks greener, literally. Now it’s been a good year from a weather point of view, so that also plays a role – but basically I have a much healthier and nicer lawn, because it’s always done, and I’m not lazy. and I don’t skip a mowing

How much work do I have to do in the garden if I have a robotic lawn mower?

Border. My edges look strange. Tall grass in a sheer line to the rest of the lawn.

Your robot will approach the edge, but not close to it.

Where you have a path or the like (it’s at the cutting height), you can make the robot run the path to make a great edge, but a whip snipper every now and then gives you that finished look in no time.

Which robotic lawnmower is the best?

Much is really the word here.

First, in terms of price, the Husky really pushes the boundaries. And at the same time, the Moebot makes you think “is this going to last? “.

  • Moebot – $ 950
  • Husqvarna – $ 1,699
  • Gardena – $ 1,299
  • Landroid – $ 1,599

But it’s a matter of detail.

For me, the app on the Landroid is fantastic. Clear details, easy access and intelligence. Using the AR to measure my lawn, and it really sets an automatic program according to its needs.

Worx’s Landroid does a good job in tight areas too, so think about it.

Landroid on Moebot also saves on cut edge space, as the blades are much closer to the edge of the device.

The Gardena Sileno looks great, cuts well, but there is no app or WiFi control? This is madness.

And the Husqvarna doesn’t have a rain sensor, so it will shut off when trying to mow in the rain which we all know is madness. Worx Landroid has that.

I of course say this because it’s the one I have, but on the general specs the Landroid ticks more boxes and offers a value proposition over the rest I think.

The application on the Worx Landroid allowing me to open it and say “Party mode” meaning “I don’t want you to go out” because we have people around, or as was the case yesterday, we have children’s toys everywhere drying out after cleaning. Is a real winner.

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