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LUBBOCK, Texas – Local stores have said they are seeing a shortage of lawn mowers this summer.

Gilbert Gonzalez, deputy director of Sutherlands Homebase, said that with the climatic mix that Lubbock has experienced, many people are buying lawn mowers. However, he said he didn’t have as many in stock as usual.

“In years gone by, we had two or three hundred lawn mowers available,” Gonzalez said. “Right now we have 30, 40 lawn mowers, that’s all – not a lot. “

Gonzalez said he has seen fewer shipments coming from the manufacturing side.

“We order them, we just don’t get them,” Gonzalez said. “You know, this could be a manufacturing plant in Ohio and they just don’t have the manpower, the materials – there’s a lot of reasons why.”

Nigel Williams, owner of Needing Every Prayer Lawn Service, said he has seen a lot of business lately and the shortage of lawn mowers has caused him to switch equipment.

“[The pandemic] made it difficult for everything we needed out of the country, ”said Williams. “Normally we use Honda commercial walk-behind mowers, but there is a shortage of them, so now Honda engines are hard to find, so I had to switch to eXmark. “

Gonzalez said that while there is a limited supply of lawn mowers, there is one product his store has not seen as much demand for.

“I have some of the old-fashioned reel mowers,” Gonazlez said. “You push this stuff and it’ll cut.” “

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