Exmark unveils new electric clippers

At NALP ELEVATE Show in Orlando, Florida, Exmark introduced its first electric stand-on mower – the Vertex V-Series. The new machine delivers the commercial durability and cutting quality landscape professionals expect from Exmark, in an electric mower powered by HyperCell.

Exmark’s marketing director, Jamie Briggs, said the new machine is a natural evolution for the company, especially as more and more contractors turn to power equipment for competitive advantage.

“We built the Vertex V Series for contractors, municipalities and schools looking for the next generation of zero-emission engine mowers,” Briggs said. “This is a highly productive solution for anyone who needs to comply with local regulations, ordinances or preferences for quiet, exhaust-free mowing solutions.”

Exmark uses the HyperCell power system to power Vertex V-Series clippers. Designed specifically for commercial mower applications, HyperCell batteries are designed to operate at lower temperatures to provide more runtime and longer life. The Vertex V-Series uses eight HyperCell batteries, with patent-pending management software that optimizes performance for conditions and provides up to 7 hours of runtime per charge.

The Vertex V-Series uses high-torque commercial wheel motors working with a planetary transmission to deliver a smooth, responsive feel to the controls and a ground speed of up to 10 mph.

In addition to delivering incredible power and torque in use, the electric powertrain also eliminates the service and maintenance typically associated with gasoline engines, including oil and filter changes. The use of electric spindle motors also makes belt maintenance and replacement a thing of the past.

This reduction in maintenance time and costs, combined with significant fuel savings, makes Vertex V-Series a cost-effective choice for contractors looking to minimize the total cost of ownership of their machines.

Vertex V-Series mowers are equipped with Horizon360 Connect smart implement remote software, which provides an app-based connection to the machine for real-time implement data, battery status and information. location.

For 2023, Exmark will offer the Vertex V Series with a 52-inch Electric Series 4 side-discharge mower deck. Fabricated and welded from high tensile steel to deliver Exmark’s signature cut quality. High torque bridge motors feature 9 inch diameter cast aluminum spindle housings with blade retainers for maximum commercial durability.

Exmark has also launched its first commercial electric walk-behind mower –– the Commercial 21 V-Series. The new model delivers the commercial cut quality and durability demanded by landscape professionals, with low noise and zero engine exhaust emissions, of an electric machine.

“The Commercial 21V Series makes it easier for landscape contractors to work in zero-exhaust or HOA-quiet areas,” Briggs said. “It gives these professionals a true commercial mower that delivers Exmark’s signature cut quality and durability, with the low noise and zero engine exhaust emissions they need to operate.”

With just under 81dB of measured sound output, the Commercial 21V Series performs well below the OSHA threshold of 85dB for hearing protection. The electric powertrain also eliminates maintenance items typically associated with gas-powered mowers, including oil changes and air filter service. Reduced maintenance-related downtime ensures the Commercial 21 V-Series is ready to operate whenever needed.

The 21V Commercial Series is powered by a professional 60-Volt 7.5 Ah lithium-ion rechargeable power system that provides up to 40 minutes of runtime per charge, depending on conditions. 5.5A fast charger provides 90% charge in 75 minutes. Two 60V 7.5Ah batteries and a fast charger are included with every 21V Series commercial machine, giving contractors the runtime and flexibility they need in the field.

A ¼-inch-thick die-cast aluminum mower deck –– the same deck used on gas-powered Commercial 21 models –– provides durability, with the ability to bag or mulch clippings. A 2.5 bushel bag and mulch kit are included. Cutting height is adjustable in half-inch increments, from 1 inch to 4.5 inches.

Experienced landscape professionals know that getting the best quality of cut in different cutting conditions comes down to deck adjustment. Small adjustments to the pitch of the deck, or the rake, can make a difference in the quality of the finished cut and the efficiency of the mower, which is why Exmark has introduced Adapt.

Available on select 2023 Lazer Z X-Series zero-turn mowers, Adapt allows the operator to make quick deck rake adjustments from the operator’s seat, without tools.

According to Briggs, Adapt simplifies deck rake adjustment, so it’s easy to understand whether you’re a landscape contractor or not.

“Adapt is perfect for contractors who maintain many different types of turf because it allows them to quickly optimize deck performance based on conditions,” Briggs said. “It’s also great for homeowners who want professional-looking results, but maybe not have the desire or ability to make manual adjustments to the bridge. Adapt eliminates the fear of a bad fit, as it’s just as easy to go back to the “original” setting as it is to go away from it.

By allowing both positive and negative deck rake adjustment, Adapt allows Exmark’s UltraCut 6 Series deck to perform optimally in a wider range of conditions. It works equally well for side discharge, mulching and bagging.

Selecting a positive rake setting raises the rear of the deck, increasing airflow to increase discharge rate to reduce clumping and deck clogging, especially in wet cutting conditions. Additionally, switching from a flat rake to a positive ¼-inch rake also reduces power consumption by up to 25%. This results in increased fuel economy and less stress on the engine.

A flat or negative deck rake, with the rear of the deck lower than the front, results in increased blade contact with the grass, which can help provide a clean cut with less drag. stragglers in stumpy and seedy turf conditions.

For 2023, Exmark will offer Adapt on select Lazer Z X-Series zero-turn mower models equipped with the UltraCut Series 6 side-discharge mower deck, including 52-inch, 60-inch and 72-inch models.

Visit Exmark website to see specifications and learn more about the company’s new 2023 products

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