Best Riding Lawn Mowers

Having a yard is a total luxury – you have a green space you can browse and relax in anytime, after all. But with all this work comes a great responsibility. Someone has to keep your lawn cut and tended, and if you don’t want to pay for a lawn care service to do those outdoor chores for you, that person is you.

Although you can opt for a push mower, a riding mower is a preferred choice if you have a larger yard, don’t want to strain your back and want to mow as quickly and efficiently as possible. Plus, in the scorching summer months ahead of us, you won’t want to use a push mower.

Riding Lawn Mowers Granted, they aren’t cheap, but they’re made to last for years and can save you a ton of time each week. Plus, when you compare the cost of a mower to using a lawn service, you’ll get that money back in about a year.

Do you want to invest in a ride-on mower? These are the best options currently available.

Ryobi Rear Engine Electric Lawn Mower

This Lawn mower is fully electric, so you don’t have to worry about having gas on hand or breathing in fumes while mowing. Enjoy up to 2.5 hours of battery life on a single charge and 12 different positions to let you mow your lawn between 1.5 and 4.5 inches. This mower even has cool features like cruise control, LED headlights (for mowing in dark conditions) and a USB charger to make sure your phone doesn’t run out of juice while you work hard.

Weibang Electric Rear Motor Riding Mower

Weibang’s E-Rider looks more like a go-kart thanLawn mower, but this machine definitely does the job. You can enjoy up to two hours of trimming on a single charge and 10 cutting positions, ranging from 1 to 4 inches for the perfect look. This mower has an adjustable seat to help you feel comfortable while mowing, and LED lights up front in case you fancy a ride at dusk.

Ariens Edge Dual 42″ Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

Got a huge yard and not a ton of free time? This Ariens Zero Turn Mower do not joke. It features an impressive 52-inch cutting deck to help you complete your mowing chores as quickly and efficiently as possible. You’ll enjoy a responsive ride that will allow you to reach speeds of seven miles per hour when moving forward and three miles per hour when reversing. The tires are even specially designed to help you navigate rough terrain.

Cub Cadet 30-inch Cordless Electric Lawn Tractor

Cub Cadet has been in the lawn care game for ages. Its battery-powered trimmer is compact but gets the job done. You can mow up to one acre on a single charge without any mowing power. A high-back seat is designed for your comfort, along with two armrests and two USB charging ports. When you’re done mowing, simply plug in the battery and it’ll be fully charged in four hours.


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