Best lawnmowers Australia: 10 you should invest in


How to choose the best lawn mower for you and your garden

Before we get to product selections, the best lawn mower is partly up to you: why you need it, your preferences, your budget, and the ins and outs of your garden. We asked an expert Simon Warmington, Bunnings Power Garden buyer, what you should ask yourself before making what can be a huge monetary investment!

Backyard size

“If you have a large area of ​​lawn to cover, consider a gas-powered mower as it offers a more powerful engine and a self-propelled option that makes it easier to move around a large lawn. For a smaller space, try a cordless mower or electric mower that offers a lightweight, portable and easy-to-store option that also requires minimal maintenance.”


“As some mowers require more maintenance than others, consider how often you will be mowing your lawn and whether you need a petrol mower that requires regular maintenance versus an easier cordless or electric mower. to maintain.”


“Think about how much time you plan to invest in maintaining your lawn and which features will benefit you the most. For example, choosing a mower with a larger collection box will mean having to empty the grass clippings less frequently especially if you have a larger lawn.If you’re short on time and space, the convenience of a robot mower that does the work for you can be a great option.

Energy source

“Options include petrol, battery and electric, each offering a different solution, which one is best for you will depend on your space and needs. We are seeing a growing popularity for cordless battery options in particular , thanks to new innovations, ease of use and the added benefit of being able to use a range of electric garden tools with the same battery.”


“Another important consideration is how much you want to invest in your mower, with affordable entry-level electric and push mowers to larger options like gas-powered self-propelled mowers or innovative robot mowers that offer added benefits. like convenience.”

Australia’s 10 Best Lawn Mowers

1. Swift RM18 robot mower, $899,

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With its automated work and charge cycle, it’s the ultimate garden companion. Doing virtually all the hard work for you, this robot lawn mower can tackle a garden of up to 600m². It has a shock sensor and a tread wheel driven by powerful motors, which means it will overcome all obstacles and slopes up to 20°. Sit back and relax with the family while this little guy takes care of everything else.

2. Masport 18” cut and mulch mower, $599, Kogan

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As one of Australia’s top rated brands (according to Canstar), Masport gets points for its ability to run smoothly, sturdiness, quality and durability. With its cutting, mulching and catching system, powerful Briggs and Stratton four-stroke engine, Masport four blade disc system and soft grip, you really can’t go wrong.

3. Bosch ARM 37 lawn mower, $168 (usually $219), Amazon

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Bosch is a trusted brand, and for good reason. This lightweight mower is easily transportable, powerful and compact with its double folding handle and stackable grass catcher. ErgoFlex handles provide an ergonomic solution, so you won’t hurt your back while you get the job done.

4. Victa RM100 robot mower, $1299, Bunnings

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Another fabulous option for those of us who prefer to sit in the sun with a cocktail, the Victa robot mower is completely hassle-free. With its quiet operation it would probably go unnoticed were it not for the beautiful fresh lawn it produces!

5. Ryobi 36V brushless mower kit, $499, Bunnings

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If classic manual mowing is more your cup of tea, don’t pass up this Ryobi 36V Brushless Mower. Giving you up to 50 minutes of runtime and five cutting heights, the motor is brushless which means you get gas without the smell or effort.

6. Greenworks 40V cordless brushless lawn mower, $699,

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Ready to kick off the gas? With its battery-powered, cordless and brushless motor, this mower has zero emissions and a reduced carbon footprint, while remaining as efficient as its gas-powered counterparts. Perfect for the environmentally conscious shopper!

seven. Baumr-AG 40V lithium SYNC lawnmower, $299 (usually $599), Edisons

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The new Baumr-AG 450CX lithium cordless lawnmower is the perfect choice for smaller lawns. With its instant push-button start system, brushless motor, and cutting-edge 40V lithium-ion technology, it’ll power through grass with ease.

8. Ozito PXC 18V brushless lawn mower kit, $249, Bunnings

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Another gasoline-free option, this mower works when stationary 4.0Ah Li-Ion battery, which is included. The brushless motor helps eliminate friction, which means a cooler motor and longer run time. It’s lightweight, which means it’s very portable and easy to move around, so you can neighbor and share it if you want!

9. Victa 18″ gas lawn mower, $449, Bunnings

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This classic 18 in. mower has an easy-starting, quiet and efficient motor that will cut your lawn with ease. Comfortable handles and ball-bearing wheels give you improved movement while the pivoting dual-blade design provides consistency.

ten. Ambrogio L210 robotic lawnmower, $4894,

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This fully automated mower is the real deal. With an ability to take control over 2800m2 in about 3 hours and inclines up to 45%, it’s the perfect choice for someone with a yard that just seems too big to conquer. The brushless motor ensures longer life, lower battery consumption and lower noise.

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