Best lawn mowers 2022: corded, cordless and robot

Wireless – Battery-powered cordless lawnmowers are light and handy. Their power and performance are constantly improving, and with compatible and interchangeable batteries available from leading brands such as Bosch, Husqvarna and Stihl, your electric drill battery can also power your mower. Compared to corded models, they are still expensive, and woe betide anyone who forgets to charge the batteries after use.

Push Mowers – Cheap, manual and surprisingly effective for small lawns, they’re the most environmentally friendly option, but if you have uneven ground and slopes to contend with, they can be a real workout. They take up very little space and are virtually maintenance free.

Robotic lawn mowers – The high-tech choice for posh gardens across the country, robotic lawn mowers mow the lawn while you’re at work, cutting regularly from their charging base to keep the grass consistently short. They’re still not quite as smart as their vacuum cousins, but the best designs can map out your garden and ensure that every blade of grass receives the same level of care and attention. Most still need perimeter wire installed to protect flower beds and prevent them from falling down steps, but designs are getting smarter and cheaper every year.

Petrol mowers – Although they are difficult to maintain, difficult to start, noisy and polluting, gasoline mowers are still your best choice if you have a large garden and a shed or garage to store it. The best designs can leave your lawn looking like Center Court while allowing quick work on longer, more unruly areas of the garden. They are powerful and the best ones are self propelled so you don’t have to lift them which is just as well as they often weigh over 40kg.

What Lawn Mower Features Do I Need?

cutting height – Being able to adjust the length at which you want to cut the grass is an essential part of growing a healthy lawn. It is important to cut the grass to different lengths depending on the time of year and the weather. Most mowers let you adjust the height – anywhere between 25mm and 70mm – but changing these settings isn’t always straightforward. Some can be changed by moving a lever, while others require adjusting the height of each wheel, which is a total hassle.

cutting width – The larger the blade, the more grass it will cut and the faster the job will be done. Small lawns (less than 50m2) need a cutting width between 30cm and 34cm, medium lawns (50-15m2) ideally need between 35cm and 40cm, while large lawns (150 m2) need 40 cm or more, to do the job. A large mower in a small garden will simply become cumbersome and difficult to maneuver.

Handle adjustment – Check that the height of the mower’s handle will be comfortable to push, especially if you have a large lawn to tackle. And make sure it’s adjustable if more than one person in the house will be mowing. Also look for folding handles which make storage in the garage or shed a lot easier.

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