Best cordless leaf blowers for the lawn

When you have a beautiful lawn, you want to show it off – don’t let it hide under a blanket of freshly fallen leaves. Since raking up debris can take forever and a day, many people turn to cordless leaf blowers for that clean, clutter-free lawn look, especially now that it’s fall.

Why go wireless? Well, an extension cord can only get you this far, letting you unplug (and plug in) your leaf blower while you work. With a cordless blower, you just need to turn it on and hit town – no pesky wires needed. Ready to clean your lawn in a fraction of the time it would take to use a rake? These cordless leaf blowers are up to the task.

Greenworks 40V Jet Blower

Greenworks Jet Blower delivers speeds of up to 110 miles per hour to trigger leaves on your lawn with hurricane force winds. You will get up to 14 minutes of constant runtime in high mode with its 2.5 Ah battery. Once you run out of juice, just top it up in 75 minutes. Enjoy a molded grip, variable speed trigger, and even a cruise control option.

Black & Decker 20V Max Cordless Sweeper

This Black & Decker Cordless Leaf Blower weighs just under four pounds, but has a serious punch. You’ll get air speeds of up to 130 miles per hour which will easily remove leaves and other foliage from your lawn and patio. An interesting feature: the lithium-ion battery of this blower holds a charge for up to 18 hours.

Sun Joe 40 Volt 3-in-1 Cordless Blower-Vacuum-Mulcher

So that you could get a leaf blower which does exactly that, you can also invest in a 3 in 1 device that blows out debris, sucks up objects and even straws twigs and leaves. Cycle through six speed settings and enjoy air speeds of up to 200 miles per hour (not a typo). A 16 gallon bag allows you to easily switch between blowing and vacuuming functions.

Worx Power Share Turbine 40V Cordless Leaf Blower

This Worx leaf blower gives you options. Set your blower to low to clear debris from pavement and tight spots, switch to the next setting when you’re in an open yard, and put it on high – every 90 miles an hour – to really look at things. steal. This blower features a wide mouth tube to give you plenty of coverage while you go to work.

Hoover ONEPWR Cordless Sweeper for Hard Surfaces

Hoover Cordless Blower reaches speeds of up to 85 miles per hour to give you plenty of air power. A comfortable handle facilitates longer leaf blowing sessions. When you’re done, a flat base allows you to hold the blower vertically for space-saving storage.

EGO Power + 56 Volt Brushless Cordless Electric Leaf Blower

Enjoy up to 75 minutes of battery life with the EGO Power + Cordless Leaf Blower. This push-start fan weighs just 4.8 pounds, but it can reach speeds of up to 110 miles per hour. A high efficiency brushless motor gets you clearing walkways, walkways and of course your lawn in no time. When you’re done blowing, just plug it into the charger – it’ll be ready to go in 50 minutes.

Greenworks Pro 80V Cordless Backpack Leaf Blower

Some people prefer a backpack style blower, and quite understand why. You can reach speeds of up to 180 miles per hour with this power pack, helping you work through wet and dry debris. Switch between variable speeds and a cruise control function to find the level that’s right for you. Do you really want to get started? Press the turbo button for maximum power.

Craftsman 20 Volt Max Portable Cordless Electric Leaf Blower

Craftsman Cordless Electric Leaf Blower has a lithium-ion battery for intense performance. It provides up to 90 miles per hour of blowing power to remove leaves and other grime from the lawn. Got something stubborn that you need to get up from? This blower has a built-in scraper to help you lift it without having to put your machine down. Hang it all up when you’re done with its built-in hook.

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